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A collection of Sketches that feature Atem or Yugi.

 Pharaoh Atem Pan Douga

 Pharaoh Atem Pan Douga 2

 Pharaoh Atem Pan Genga

 Pharaoh Atem Pan Genga 2

 Pharaoh Atem Pan Rough Sketch

 Pharaoh Atem

 Yami Pan Douga

 Yugi Pan Genga

 Yami and Yugi Watching Joey vs Mai

 Yami Clinching his Fist Pan Douga

 Yami Side Profile Pan Douga

 Yami with a Determined Look Douga

 Yami Looking at a card

 Yami Dueling 1

 Yami Dueling 2

 Yugi with a Surprised Look Douga

 Yugi with a Determined Look Genga

 Yami in Téa's Dream

 Yami Coloured Genga with a Determined Look 1

 Yami Coloured Genga with a Determined Look 2

 Yami With a Suprised Look 1

 Yami With a Suprised Look 2

 Yami Eyes Closed Genga 1

 Yami Eyes Closed Genga 2
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