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My Favourite Spin-Off from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series I really got into this series as well as the video games as Syncro-Summoning made the game more exciting I've got close to 200 settei's from this series and here are a few of my collection

 Yusei Fudo 1

 Yusei Fudo 2

 Yusei Fudo 3

 Yusei Fudo 4

 Yusei Fudo 5

 Jack Atlas

 Chibi Yusei and Jack

 Crow Hogan

 Akiza Izinski


 Red Dragon Archfiend

 Black Feather Dragon

 Black Rose Dragon 1

 Black Rose Dragon 2

 Blue Rose Dragon

 Clear Effector

 Regene Warrior

 Crystal Rose Angel

 Sorciere de Fleur

 Broder from Team Ragnarok

 Halldor from Team Ragnarok

 Jakob 1

 Jakob 2

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